Huge Apple Watch Series 4 SALE Happening NOW!

Unless you have been lost in space for the last couple of years then you probably know that the Apple Watch is one the best smart accessories to own other then the new iPhone itself.
Lucky for you, Apple Watch Series 4 is currently on $50 OFF SALE

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We are the Pollution that causes Global Warming.

Lately everywhere you look it seems like Global Warming is a hot topic for most news channels, papers, and online gossip sites. Almost every week some well known climatologist goes on tv and warns the public that sh*t is about to hit the fan. Then the opposition pushes back with their top adviser to dismiss those warnings. That is how its been for as long as I can remember.
Ever since I could walk, I've been mesmerized by nature and all it has to offer and just like every other kid I loved watching cartoons and movies but when ever I was

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Why Costa Rica is a top go to destination in 2019.

With cold days of winter in full effect we all secretly dream of being on a beautiful beach with a delicious refreshing tropical drink. Working long winter hours can drive us to new levels of stress and sometimes depression. That is why I believe that every person should set some goals of taking a real getaway vacation once a year as long as it’s physically possible. I thankfully have managed to stick to those goals more or less for almost 15 years now. We all have good and bad years when it comes to planning our vacation. This past 2018 was my bad year due to my father’s health problems and eventually his passing. That required me to travel to Europe three times within six months to deal with things no one is ever ready for.

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CBD Raspberry Infused Liquor.

You will love this project after you're done with it. Pre heat your oven to 220 defrees fareinheight. Grind your high CBD bud onto the baking pan and bake for 30 min. Best high cbd strains to use are charlottes web, remedy, sour tsunami or dancehall. In the meantime pour 500ml (16.9 oz) of 190% alcohol into one of the empty bottles and after 30 min add the bud into that same bottle of alcohol.

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Top 10 gifts for him on Valentines Day.

Here we are with the list I mentioned earlier last week.
We all know that Valentines Day is all about love and pampering and now a days that due is given from every angle no matter what king of relationship you’re in. Simply put ” Love knows no age, sex or color boundaries “. You can fall in love at any age with anyone and anywhere.
Let’s not prolong this story telling. I think it’s time to share a few great items for that special day but this time for the man in your life.

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Top 10 best gifts for her on Valentines Day.

Yup it's that time of the year again, Valentine's Day... Besides New Year it's probably the only other non religious or political holiday celebrated world wide. It's an international day of LOVE.
Many countries might have their own way of celebrating that day, but the main idea of it stays the same, to show your loved one or a candidate to be how much they mean to you.
We all know that every year flowers, chocolates and romantic cards are the standard.

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Pineapple Infused liquor.

Pineapple Infusion 1 fresh pineapple 16.9 oz vodka 16.9 oz high proof alcohol (192 proof Polish spiritus or 190 proof Everclear liquor) 8.5 oz white rum 21oz sugar 1 vanilla bean Cinnamon stick 1 or 2 gallon mason or storage jar. Few empty bottles with caps 1 funnel After picking out a perfectly ripe pineapple you need to peal it and remove the hard core from the middle. Then cut the pineapple into one inch pieces and put them inside the mason jar.

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The Journey Begins

Thank you for joining me on my adventures! Everyone has their own view on life and I strongly believe that each and every person out of over 7.5 billion should share a little bit of that view with the world. Lets make the best of it as much as we can. I hope you enjoy... Continue Reading →

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