Top 10 best gifts for her on Valentines Day.

Yup it’s that time of the year again, Valentine’s Day… Besides New Year it’s probably the only other non religious or political holiday celebrated world wide. It’s an international day of LOVE.

Many countries might have their own way of celebrating that day, but the main idea of it stays the same, to show your loved one or a candidate to be how much they mean to you.

We all know that every year flowers, chocolates and romantic cards are the standard. Let’s not forget about the dinner date. And to anyone out there who has been in a long term relationship, you must agree that after a while you’re tired of always showing up with the same gifts and feeling like you’re not living up to the moment the way you used to in the beginning. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Let’s see if I can help you in that department without breaking the bank. First let’s start with the list of gifts for the ladies since the day is meant to be all about them, then my next blog I’ll throw in a few items for the gentleman in your life because sometimes men like to feel pampered too, even if our testosterone won’t allow us to tell you that directly.

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#10. Groupon-Spa gift certificate

This could be a gift for any lady or ladies in your life. You can purchase these for your wife or girlfriend. Maybe you want to give your wife and daughter/s something that they can celebrate together, something in a form of girls day out. You can also give these to your mother as a gift from you and your loved one. But don’t forget the flowers and chocolates to brighten it up a bit.

#9. UGG Robe and slippers

This a great addition to your other romantic gift of the night. I don’t know too many women that do not like UGG boots so I’m sure they’ll love these. Ladies love to feel warm with a side of cozy and let me tell you, these robes are super comfortable. Actually tested one of these out as a Christmas gift so go get one.

#8. Perfume set

Every woman on the planet loves it when people compliment her on the perfume she’s wearing. One serious pointer about this gift is DON’T BE CHEAP and buy a nice set!!!!!If you plan to get her perfumes do a little research and quietly take a peak to see what she uses when you take our for dinner and if for some crazy reason you’re not able to figure out what she likes then talk to her best friend or sister if she has one. And if you have kids even better ask them for a little help with finding out they love to play secret agents.

#7. Sugarfina candy

For those of you who aren’t in a relationship but are hoping that she’s going to be the one, look at Sugarfina candy sets. You can pick your own or get them pre-packed. They’re meant to feel personal and special yet not too pushy or awkward like a heart shaped box of chocolates that says love in bold letters. Now if you’re in a steady and long term relationship don’t loose hope just yet because these candies can also scream “Honey I Love You” if you pick’em right. Wonderful thing about Sugarfina their gift are elegant and personal. Perfect for all occasions with a bouquet of flowers.

#6. Oil diffuser

Here is a gift for the woman in your life that’s into yoga, fitness or meditation. Let’s face it, everyone likes these once they have one. They also make a great humidifier for those dry winter nights. Just make sure to buy a set of scented oils that smell nice or you’ll half ass the moment.

#5. The rose bear

This seems to be a hot item this year. They’re popping up all over the place. It’s a perfect gift if you want to be a little different and stand out if it’s your first Valentines date together. Depending on your budget they come in different colors with real or faux roses. Obviously real roses will cost you a pretty penny but boy is it worth it.

#4. Victoria’s Secret

Let’s be honest, these folks can make every single woman feel like an angel. Plus this company has made more men happy then any other. No matter how shy or quiet your lady might be, once she puts on Victoria’s anything something wild inside her awakens and your in for an adventure. Once again this one takes a little effort and I would only buy something sexy for that occasion because you’ll need to know her sizes so due your research. Otherwise treat her to a shopping spree that day, just don’t forget to hint about what your interests are. Lastly gift cards are also welcomed. What ever you do don’t sit down on the side bench and wait for her to finish. Go all in and play dress up with her, show her she’s the center of your attention.

#3. Swarovski

This is a company that’s been hot for a while now and they have something for every girl. Most of their products are Swarovski crystals combined with rhodium, palladium, or gold plated and women love their shine. Extremely elegant and beautiful jewelry and for those who like collectibles, they have plenty of those as well.

#2. Handbags

No girl can live without a good handbag. This category is absolutely endless with choices but if you need pointers here are the top 10 most popular companies at the moment: 10. Christian Dior, 9. Burberry, 8. Marc Jacobs, 7. Prada, 6. Balenciaga, 5.Hermes, 4. Gucci, 3. Chanel, 2. Michael Kors, 1. Kate Spade. I believe that you should also

#1. LUSH

This company has created one of the coolest gifts on the planet, BATH BOMBS!!! Women all over the world love to take baths and no bath salts, no bath oils, no bath soaps are even close to competing with this genius creation. You can visit one of the many stores popping up all over the world or simply visit their website. Trust me when I tell you that you will not regret it. They average around $6 to $9 a bath bomb but they are worth every penny. For those who only have a shower and no bathtub you’re actually in luck because recently Lush started selling shower bombs for roughly half the price of bath bombs. They make a style and smell for every type of fetish. Citrusy, floral, fruity, herbal, minty, spicy, sweet,etc. For $50 to $100 you can maker her happy and relaxed for many many days and if you want to make feel special then after you romantic Valentines Day date open a bottle of wine, draw her a bath and drop one of these bad boy into the water after she gets in the tub. When she gasps from amazement while watching it dissolve, present her with a box of many many more. (What ever you do, DO NOT i repeat DO NOT buy other brand that claims they work the same because they don’t. We tested many and none come even close in quality).

Have fun shopping and happy Valentines Day!!!





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