See The World & Taste Life.

Each and every one of us reaches that point in life when you just want to

pack our luggage and run away from reality for a week or two. That’s when

we sit down in from of our computers, tablets or smart phones and start

searching for that perfect getaway destination.

We all wish we had unlimited funding and freedom to do what ever we

want, but unfortunately for most of us that life seems impossible to achieve.

Yet I am a true believer that at least once or twice a year, each and

everyone of us should make it mandatory to get a few days of vacation

scribbled into our work calendar. It feels like each year is getting busier

then the last and time starts moving a little bit faster as we get older.

We all have to deal with work, bills, or problems that seem to pop out of

nowhere. The truth is that somehow in the middle of all that daily chaos we

have to find a little bit of time to plan out our mental and physical time off.

I know that not everyone can afford to get away to some fancy resort or fly

half way across the world but that doesn’t mean you can’t go somewhere

closer. Maybe do a road trip or try camping, that’s if you’re looking to try

something more hands on and self discovering. Anything that allows

you to step away from your regular lifestyle for a couple of days helps to

completely resets your state of mind.

Statistics show that over 50% of adults in US have unused vacation days at

the end of their work year. Some of them get it payed out but there are over

212 million days get lost if unused. ( 650+ million days in 2015 ) The truth is

you need your vacation time simply for your own health benefits. There are

multiple studies which prove that using your vacation time significantly

helps you physically and psychologically throughout that work year. Then

again not using you time seems to have the reverse effect on your health.

I always say life is too short to keep putting things off for later. Your

tomorrow is not a guarantee but the life you experience will be with you

until the end and maybe even beyond.

So please if you can, get out there and check out this beautiful world of

ours and when you do, please please don’t just sit at the resort bar and

waste your day away. Get out there, explore, interact and learn what life

looks like outside your daily routine.


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